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On the left hand side I've been linking to all these urban blogs for some time. Here's a quick look at some recent highlights.
  • A Daily Dose of Architecture features a post about the Pruitt-Igoe Housing Projects in St. Louis. It's called, An Anniversary of Sorts and reflects on the residents and the architect Minouru Yamasaki who's most famous commission was the World Trade Center in NYC. He also designed M&T Bank in our own downtown. This is one of my favorite blogs.
  • Cascadia Scorecard features environmental news often with an urban twist. Peak Performance is a recent post discussing the impact of oil production. There seems to be enough science on both sides of this debate. Some of the posts discuss other sustainability related issues.
  • City Comforts is part of the self described "reality based community." I don't know what that is supposed to mean yet many of the posts have a liberal bias. This one on the coming housing bubble is somewhat representative. It's called, Mapping the Bubble, where are the biggest.
  • Peter Gordon's Blog looks at economics and urban planning. In a recent post he quotes one of my favorite New York Times reporters, David Brooks. Third Way or Third Rail? Discects the clubby, entitlement mentality of euro-crats and why things seem to be falling so much apart in high tax environments. I thought he was writing about New York State for a moment.
  • Veritas et Venustas is written by John, a self described recovering architect. In this recent post, Architecture School Buildings he wonders why architects get trapped by ideology and build brutal buildings for themselves to teach in. Lots of good stuff here. btw...the title means "Truth & Beauty."
  • Why? ruminates mostly on left coast stuff involving urban planning and transportation issues. This post about bicyling in the city, How to Ride Assertively, caught my eye as I'm an avid cyclist who left home on a bicycle when I was 16 and peddled to Bar Harbor from the southtowns.
All of these blogs are heavily archived, richly linked and full of stuff to explore if you are interested in things urban that is. They are all syndicated which means you can keep track of new posts through your free Bloglines account.
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