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While the Buffalo blogosphere heated up this week and shed light on the impoverished political practices of certain city hall Mullahs...an on going struggle is coming to a head 40 miles away in Perrysburg, NY.
I've been writing about "The Deal" down in Perrysburg for the past 7 months. And while vast sections of Buffalo's east-side continue to be neglected and historically important builidings owned by the City of Buffalo continue to be demolished by neglect, Council President David Franczyk seems to have a different set of priorities. He just received the award for Conservationist of the Year by the Niagara chapter of the Adirondak Mountain Club.
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And this is what David Franczyk had to say recently about the JN Adam site down in Perrysburg, NY....
Hell will freeze over before I urge my colleagues to vote for anything that doesn't preserve the buildings and respect the integrity of the natural landscape.
You can read the rest of the story over here, courtesy of the National Trust.

This morning I had an opportunity to speak with Scott Cannon, Tom Trathen's attorney in this matter. I'll have motion papers and affidavits here on the blog very soon...the next court date is August 18th. If anyone is interested in driving down to Little Valley, NY seat of Cattaragus County Supreme Court, let me know.

Another opportunity to see city hall Mullahs at work...and so it goes.
Comparing the text of Elizabeth Benjamin's article in a recent edition of the National Trust's weekly e-alert about the JN Adam Site in Perrysburg and my own research about the early history of the site that I published here in February 2005, I can't help but see a reflection. Yeah, information is free. Yet the manner in which Elizabeth Benjamin presents her own understanding of the early history of the site, in style and substance, closely resembles my own. A little attribution would have been appropriate in this case. Yet, because I'm not a "preservationist" and have consistently advocated a private property solution to this matter, I can see why the editors may have wanted to keep my name and website out of the mix.

And so it goes...

Waiting to hear back from Elizabeth Benjamin.

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Craig said...

Well, isn't the good Buffalo Common Council member a steward of the environment? I think I can detect a whiff of "who gives a shit about Perrysburg" in his remarks.