Keep Judge Nowak in Housing Court
Please take a moment to read and sign the following petition to keep Judge Nowak in Housing Court. There appears to be some significant and entrenched opposition to the innovative reforms he is instituting in Buffalo City Court. They would like to have him removed.
7/11/05 230pm
The latest stuff about Harvey & the story behind the story
7/10/05 1130am
The petition appears to be short lived. It's down. If someone could contact the originator to get it going again...probably a good idea. I was asked this morning if I had started this petition, I can assure everybody that I didn't. I simply agreed with the sentiments, signed the petition and would like to see a proactive Buffalo leader - Judge Nowak - stay put and continue his work. And when I first heard about the petition a few days ago, I decided to promote it here as Judge Nowak had sent me a letter a few weeks ago asking me to participate in his new Neighborhood Collaborative, which I have also promoted.
Judge Nowak
I've been a keen observer of Housing Court for the past 10 years and have never seen a Judge take such a passionate interest in the built environment and pioneer so much needed reform. More needs to be done yet Judge Nowak is on the right track.

Consider calling or writing Judge Thomas P. Amodeo, the suprervising Judge of Buffalo City Court to express your support for retaining Judge Nowak in Housing Court.

Judge Thomas P. Amodeo
Buffalo City Court
50 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14202

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david s said...

I would love to see a map or list which shows where the owners of vacanty and dilapidated houses live. I know that there are a substantial number of absantee landlords who live outside the city boundaries especially in Buffalo's own suburbs. I often hear suburban residents complain that "those people should fix up their houses" In their minds I am sure they are thinking that inner city people do not take care of their property. I am thinking that the reality is that most of the absentee landlords and slum lords live in those same self riteous suburbs

fix buffalo said...

Substantial? We really don't know. I have long argued that the huge number of housing court warrants that just sit on a shelf could be mapped using google maps, just like chicagocrime.org or the map that I have put together on the left showing various places that are in various stages of "demolition by neglect" on the city's east-side.

In my little 25 block corner of Masten, more than half the burned-outs and abandoned houses are owned by people right here in the city.

On any given day in housing court most - 75% on most days - the defendants are poor working folks who are struggling to maintain their property. Usually minorities...

Like yourself I would like to see the breakdown of suburban and urban ownership patterns. The data base stuff and visual presentation using google maps is extraordinarly inexpensive...I am left wondering why its not being done.

Anonymous said...

Look at the timeline:

Article in Buffalo News comes out on June 22, 2005.

By the grace of the gods - a letter, whose author cannot be confirmed, whose address is ECMC, is received citing Mr Garrett's home as an eyesore the very next day.

The same day the letter is received, an inspector is sent out to Mr. Garrett's home.

Q1 - What time was the inspector at Mr. Garrett's home on June 23rd?

Q2 - Has anyone had that quick a delivery from the local post?

Q3 - Can the Department of Inspections show the original envelope the letter came in with the postdate of June 22?

Q4 - Even if a party used overnight delivery, could this letter have reached the Inspections Department, and could it have been acted on that quickly, especially in lieu of the fact that their administrative staff is overworked and doesn't have the time to cite the other 523 houses in the four month backlog?

Think about it folks. And, if your intelligence is as insulted as many others, and you are as enraged as many others, think about writing a letter to the editor of the Buffalo News. Make sure you end your letter with a disclaimer line that consists of something akin to:

"I am sure my home with be scrutinized since I take my First Amendment Rights seriously. I will let you know when my home is cited for court."

Shove it back into their faces - as the line from that ol' movie said "We're mad as hell, and we're not going to take it anymore!"

New York State is among the few that have Anti-SLAPP Legislation. Although this action is not a threat of a lawsuit, it is on the very fringe of SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation). It also goes against the "Volunteer Protection Act of 1999" passed by Congress and signed into legislation by President Clinton. Can you say "federal offense", Mr. McGurn?

If they get away with this, if we do not stand up and be counted and voice our opinions due to fear of retribution, we are prisoners in our own city, state and country. Send your letters NOW - use the disclaimer line or a version you're most comfortable with - let them know you expect to be cited - shove it back into their corner. Do it NOW!