A Tale of Two Cities...Chapter 2 - Follow up...
We all know about the burned out house located at 60 Brantford in the heart of the Elmwood Village. I wrote about it, A Tale of Two Cities...Chapter 2 , last month. It's in Joe Golombek's North District and he's all over it. Concerned neighbors on Brantford tell me that Joe Golobek showed up in housing court! This is excellent stuff...
60 Brantford Place 60 Brantford Place
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This is a letter he sent out to residents living near the burn-out.
Please be advised that I am actively working on a problem property located at 60 Brantford. I appreciate the phone calls and email messages that residents have sent to me. It is my understanding that this case will be before Judge Nowak on July 25, 2005.

Please fill out the enclosed form and send it to the GNPA, P.O. Box 382, Buffalo, NY 14207.Please send this in as soon as possible. This form has proven to be a very effective tool in the Black Rock/Riverside area of the district. All forms will then be forwarded to judge nowak for further action by volunteer court liasions.

I thank you for your attention to this matter. If you have any further questions or comments,please feel free to contact my office at 851-5116.


Joseph Golombek, Jr.
North District Councilmember
The fire at 60 Brantford was Friday May 13th. A friend of mine, now living in the neighborhood again, told me recently that she used to live in the third floor apartment where the fire started. Everday she still smells the fire. It permeates the air.

I tried unsuccessfully for weeks calling Carol Holcberg from Holcberg Realty to see the place and to find out what the status was. Never did get a call back from Carol after 5 messages. Seems like the owner of 60 Brantford, Jeffrey Sawyer of 79 Amherstdale, Snyder 14226 has a few more pressing problems than just a burn-out on his hands.
He's got several pissed off neighbors. Over at his vacant rental property at 24 Cottage Street neighbors are furious about exterior repairs that are being done in the Allen Town Historic District with out the required building permits or Preservation Board approval.
24 Cottage Street 24 Cottage Street 24 Cottage Street 24 Cottage Street 24 Cottage Street
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Well Jeffrey Sawyer has two dates with Judge Nowak scheduled for August.
    • Housing Court Case #817/2005 is scheduled for August 1 at 930am
    • Housing Court Case #319/2005 is scheduled for August 9 at 200pm
    Meanwhile... over in Masten District ...three years later...still nothing at 198 Glenwood. Like 60 Brantford, 198 Glenwood is just a block away from a city school, the future home of Performing Arts Academy. Check out this map!
    198 Glenwood Avenue
    I've made a ton of phone calls...anybody else wanna take a wack at it...anybody wanna venture a guess why 60 Brantford gets all the attention and 198 Glenwood, well...sits and rots?

    If you live here in the city please call Masten District Councilman Antoine Thompson and express your concerns about the condition of 198 Glenwood Avenue. It should have been taken care of years ago.
    Antoine Thompson: 851-5145 or at home 881-0945.

    Ok...I'll call Joe Golombek in the morning...
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    FlirtinFelicity said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    eastside_lover_01 said...

    Why does Joe Golombek seem to listen to westside residents, show up in housing court, bring Citi-stat to our city and promote one reform after another while Antoine Thompson doesnt answer emails, return phone calls or show up in housing court?

    Could it be that the the black community vote not on competency but on the color of a persons skin?

    For years Rod Watson called Buffalo the equivalent of Selma, Alabama where blacks are ignored, marginalized and excluded....where Buffalo was one step away from Jim Crow and linchings.

    For years we watched as the eastside died under Eve and Arther and the other black members of the Common Council....sitting in office on their laurels...asking not whats best for the city but where was there cut of the patronage and pork pie.

    Is it any wonder that the residents of the Lovejoy district dont want blacks and their violence and their apathy and their racial tantrums infecting their community?

    There are so many small things that the black members of the common council could do like making personal visits to housing court or even having their staff do it or they could help the black property owners on the eastside by eliminating some public housing and expanding the voucher program so more blacks can be tenants for the numerous black owned duplex properties that are now abandoned or ill maintained for lack of finances.

    Well Williams to me shows that there are competent African American change agents! So far Williams is more of a role model for the Black children of this city than anyone Ive ever seen in the Black Community.

    It remains to be seen if Byron Brown can accomplish more for Buffalo than he did at the state level.

    As far as Blacks being excluded from Business deals (accusation by Rod Watson) no one has ever asked the question how many blacks are members of the BNE/BNP, the New Millenium Group, the CTRC, the CRTC, Buffalo Place and all the other private sector institutions propelling Buffalo forward. Is it really that Blacks are excluded or that Black apathy isnt integrating itself into the larger community.

    Forgive me for saying this but to many Blacks like Antoine Thompson expect the government to solve their problems like the slave masters of 100+ years ago. Unfortunately, when they accept public office they dont reallize that they are government and dont understand that they have the power and the responsibility to address the issues of their constituents with both present day issues and long range plans! Antoine Thompson is such a person. If the westside gets more response than the eastside....look whose representing it and look at the residents expectations!

    eastside_lover_01 said...

    oh and here is another comment that I forgot.

    Remember the downsizing of the common council where the african american community publicly and nationally said that Buffalo was a racist city in an attempt to malign and intimidate the vote against it.

    I want to raise a question to the African American Community!

    If your going to sling accusations of racism, then why not sling them at the NFTA for not extending a light rail link to the airport through the eastside.

    The federal government would pay 80% of the capital cost and possibly more. Plus we just a NYS transportation bond....which could have brought money to Buffalo for a light rail extension if one were planned.

    It would gentrify the eastside allowing safe, weather protected transportation from the eastside to jobs in the city, in the northern suburbs and in the eastern suburbs. Plus the gentrification would bring tenants and customers for eastside properties and businesses.

    Why are the accusations used only to protect pork and patronage of do nothing apathetic politicians instead of things that would actually create jobs and improve the lives of constituents in their community?

    Answer me that question please!