Saw a convoy of tree trucks on Ferry Street late this morning and followed them to the former BMHA complex on Glenny Drive off Fillmore [quikmap map]. Was wondering yesterday where all the debris was being carted and stored.
Walked around the back of the complex towards ECMC and noticed piles, seriously monstrous piles, of branches and limbs scattered all over the grounds here at this abandoned BMHA complex. Appeared as though this was just a transit point for our lumber storm's debris as truck after truck was either hauling wood chips or tree limbs away.
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I've been to Glenny Drive before - right here, a few weeks ago and in May 2005 - Revitalize This? Noticed a sticker attached to every truck coming and going from the site. Guess this part of the project belongs to Phillips and Jordan, Inc. Here's a link to the disaster recovery service side of their business.

Sometime in the Spring, I'll return to see what's left behind. Meanwhile, get your free mulch!

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BuffaloRox said...

This is the BMHA's new plan to address the blight of the former housing project. Taking inspiration from area landscapers, their beautification project consists of burying the buildings in an enormous pile of mulch.