fixBuffalo Be Two, Today!

When I started fixBuffalo - October 2004 - I wasn't expecting to fail so miserably in what I set out to do, find an owner for the City of Buffalo's Woodlawn Row Houses. Finally, just last week heard from someone in California who happens to specialize in turning around historic properties. He's coming in to take a look. He's wowed about the $50m in public investment in the surrounding neighborhood. Fingers crossed. The recent debacle over at the Wollenberg is another reminder of what happens when the buildings we say we value are left alone to rot.

I've had the good fortune to meet a number of people via fixBuffalo. Seems like the Internet is compressing time and space and making introductions faster and relationships stronger. Mostly people who are passionate about Buffalo's future and the emergence of this arts and educational neighborhood on the City's near East side. Local Blogosphere has grown-up, too.

When I started blogging, the county library crisis was rolling to a boil, yet the Merriweather was underway. A few months later BAVPA and Artspace became a reality. Today the Merriweather is open. BAVPA and Artspace - as those construction updates show - are full throttle and scheduled for completion next year. Coe Place hasn't looked better in 30 years.

To help mark my two years, I've asked a number of people to submit - names of books, websites etc - that they are reading. Things that are informing their own understanding of Buffalo and our future here. The response is overwhelming. I thought I'd be able to add the reading list to this post. That will happen later this week. Thank you...

In another two years Artspace will have already opened and the first graduation across the street at the new Performing Arts High School will already be history. I'll keep you updated with those developments and a few others I imagine as well.

I'll keep things focused mostly East of Main Street, in Midtown and my Cold Springs neighborhood. Comments...love 'em! Thanks.
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BuffaloRox said...

Happy 2 years.

fixBuffalo said...


Thanks. Nothing terrible, promise!

WestCoastPerspective said...

Congrats David!
You're making a difference, and opening eyes and minds.

Anonymous said...

you do an amazing job, go dave!