Just Before and Shortly After...

Good source of what's been happening here in Buffalo, NY in the past few days can be seen in the Buffalo Flickr Pool. Great shots and awesome people out and about documenting various aspects of Friday the 13th in Buffalo, NY - Columbus Day Massacre - [still looking for the right coinage]. Erin has a great set and so does David Coffee, right here.
Took this shot - from one of my favorite vantage points - on Thurday afternoon, before things turned bad. The bottom shot Saturday afternoon. A few hours ago - early Sunday evening - this "widow maker" was still hanging.
Back to regular posting schedule very soon.
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All Things Jennifer said...

No access to power until this morning, I am still uploading...and that is at work! No power at home.

fixBuffalo said...


Cafe has power, you know that i'm sure. I'll be at bsc later today if you want to get plugged in let me know...

Anonymous said...

great pictures, dave. my camera could not have captured them better. ok maybe just a little bit. the aroma pic is great, and the tree pic is beautiful. in a destructive sort of way.

Anonymous said...

For posterity, here is a link to the storm photos in the Buffalo Flickr Group:

October Storm 2006 Photos

The link to the main pool will be full of other stuff in a week or two.

- Jim Lindley

fixBuffalo said...