Vinyl Antidote...On Michigan Avenue

One of my favorite buildings on Michigan Avenue is this little one at 509 Michigan [google map]. When I took a closer look last week, the house appeared vacant and according to City records was purchased for the tidy sum of $350K last April by the Buffalo Urban Renewel Agency, BURA - the current owner.
509 Michigan is located next to Buffalo's newest historic district, that I first mentioned in January. The first picture in that post shows the back side of 509 Michigan. Various developments along Michigan Avenue October 2005 and December 2005. Lots of changes along Michigan recently. Updated construction pics of the medical buildings first mentioned last December, again soon.
Meanwhile, if anyone knows what's happening here with 509 Michigan Avenue, let me know. Reminds me of pix I've seen of places in New Orleans. Not many cool little spots left as the vinyl invasion and the suburbanization along Michigan Avenue is in full swing.

And a post about this part of Michigan Avenue wouldn't be complete without a shameless plug for my real estate attorney, Loran Bommer - an awesome jazz pianist - who recently purchased the building next door, the former police precinct building [pic] at 485 Michigan Avenue and re-located his law office here from downtown. He can be reached at 842-1222. Great attorney, awesome guy!


Anonymous said...

Not being a resident, I'm at a disadvantage. It looks like a portion of Michigan Ave. has been re-named "Harriet Tubman Way". I presume the historic district in the vicinity is tied to the Underground Railroad - the means by which slaves could access Canada & freedom. Would the property have fetched $350K on the open market, or is the city's price too high?


fixBuffalo said...


Some signs say Harriet Tubman others, still Michigan. I don't know what the offical city designation is any longer.

You're right on about the importance of this historic district.

I'm not sure about comps in the neighborhood, yet I think BURA missed the mark by atleast a decimal place.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, $35K is about what a property like that would go for in a similar setting here. Yikes!