St. Vincents Update

I've been keeping an eye on St. Vincent's around the corner at Ellicott and Riley and spotted construction activity this afternoon. Seems like Cash Cunningham's crew is doing the sort of extensive emergency remediation necessary to prevent further decay. The soffitt has been removed and looks like some mortar work was being completed today in partial preparation for the new rubber roof.
Earlier this month I posted - St. Vincent's Rescue - with all sorts of links to earlier posts and history. I praised Cash for setting a new high water mark in Buffalo, NY for taking care of heritage buildings. This is excellent news for the neighborhood. Wish I could say the same for this place...orphaned, down on Dodge Street.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It looks so naked without the soffitt.

I used to drive from my house near Filmore/Clinton to high school (Canisius) in the early 90's.

I like to explore when I drive, and I remember when I came by this buidling I was shocked that it was "hidden" just off Main St. and not being used, or even worse in decay. I returned many times to reexamine the complex.

Its great to see it getting some love. Buildings like this will never be built again.