Wollenberg - Monday Afternoon

I've been receiving Wollenberg pics all day. Thanks. I'll be over at the site sometime on Tuesday. Two additional pics - here and here.
Heard from Stan and his son who live across the street. They phoned Buffalo Fire at 10:15pm Sunday night. No coverage in the Buffalo News. And no statement from Council President David Franczyk who lives nearby. Maybe Tuesday. Check out this conversation that Gabe started at BuffaloRising. Heard from neighbors that as of 9:00pm Monday evening, the rest of the structure, pictured above, was down. Price tag for this emergency demolition - $68,000 - according to two different sources.

Here's the earlier post - Sunday night.
Post mortem - Wednesday.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No money for boarding up the building and fencing off the property, but the city suddenly discovers $68,000 for an emergency demolition?


And the city is planning to spend $100 million more on demolishing properties it refuses to maintain all over Buffalo?


And the city finds $1 million to demolish another grain elevator on Niagara and Lafayette?