Artspace Construction - October Update

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While checking out the latest in Midtown over at Artspace I noticed the sidewalks have been removed and the guys are working on the vault area underneath. Learned that the top of the subway tunnel is just below the bottom of the vault which seems to be about 6-8' down.
These days the area behind 1219 Main Street - Artspace - resembles the area across the street from my place at the Performing Arts High School site. See this update.
Keep thinking that the synergies between these two sister projects will have an impact beyond our immediate grasp right now. Three cool places on Michigan Avenue - here and here - that act as connecting buildings between these two major projects. Ideal for live/work and studio space. Interested, let me know. I'll get you in touch with owners. I've set up a showing here, this week, perhaps the best candidate on Michigan for this sort of project.

See Artspace Backyard map for proximity stuff...

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