Demolition Stopped - 204 High Street

I first mentioned 204 High Street a few weeks ago - right here - great comment thread. The demolition has been stopped.  A member of the Preservation Board asked me to participate in a conversation about triage and managing the increasingly larger number of really cool and totally viable houses, owned by the City, that remain threatened with demolition.  After stopping this demolition, I was asked to join a special Preservation Board sub-committee.


While tooling around a few parts of the City over the weekend, I noticed this cool view of 204 from a little knoll on Michigan Avenue. Cool place - here's the slideshow, again. I'll keep readers posted about the Preservation Board sub-committee's work.

Meanwhile if you have additional ideas regarding the growing list of City-owned houses that are threatened with demolition, please share your comments below.
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Mike Miller said...

David, you and I talked about the Broadway Fillmore Historic Resource Survey. In this survey, almost 500 houses and buildings were identified as being historically important. The problem is that it only addresses the BF district and it is 2 years old already. We at BFA have been trying to assemble a database of current conditions of these buildings (some I fear are already lost). We are hoping to turn over a list of current conditions to the housing court and the Preservation Board so that they are at least on the radar screen. It's such a major undertaking though that we need help. If you can solicit some volunteers to follow the list and document the current conditions, we can maybe save some of these historic buildings.

fixBuffalo said...


Good work. Like to be able to share the list with a wider audience.

Major push for volunteers with digital cameras to document street-by-street, house-by-house. Collect data, organize it and get it back to GNPA and folks downtown. Comprehensive strategy and triage.

Very positive meeting with Pres Board people, today. Stitching together a broader strategy.