Surprise Suspension...

First mentioned last Monday on fixBuffalo, the Buffalo News announced today the surprising suspension of Tom Marchese, secretary to the City's Preservation Board. Seems like there was a difference of opinion as to whether the one million dollar demolition of this City owned building on Niagara Street was necessary. Just happens to be the third grain elevator demolished in less than a year on Byron's watch.
Meyer Schaeffer Brewery - Niagara Street
The other two grain elevators - HO-Oats (photo from Sara) and the abandoned City owned and last remaining wooden grain elevator, the Wollenberg. The Preservation Coalition of Erie County has additional details - right here.

Sure would like to know what policies are in place and who decides when to pull the trigger on what, when and why. Perhaps a comprensive audit of other demolitions is in order. Will it happen? Is it covered(up) in Citi-Stat? Anyone know?

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