Friday October 13th - Buffalo, NY

Played lumberjack this afternoon, checking in with friends all over the City and their trees. Same tomorrow. I apologize, the bicycle tour that I had set up for tomorrow morning - right here - is cancelled.

Checked in on some of my favorite trees. The Sycamore trees lining Timon Street are in very good shape, a few limbs, nothing major. Probably one of the best trees for urban settings. Only had to cut up one small Sycamore limb today, the rest mostly Maple.

Look for some posts in the next few days comparing how our City is cleaned-up East v. West side. There is no longer a they who is going to show up and restore stuff. They left a while ago. It's only us. So, by all means help one another. Very interesting times and things going on. Big test for Brown Administration. Look for spike in birth rate towards July. '07!

Awesome pix in the Buffalo flickr pool of damage the City sustained in the last 24 hours. Spoke with Sam Hoyt this afternoon at SpOT downtown about various existing efforts to re-plant Buffalo. Consider donating to the Olmsted Parks Conservancy. A small donation today will go along way, tomorrow.

Posting will be sporadic for the next few days.
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Kate said...

heard you guys got socked. Hope things get better soon. I wonder if this is a preview of what's to come?

Anonymous said...

Seems you are the only Blog still up and running. Hold down the fort and pass along some info to us expast

fixBuffalo said...


"Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat nor gloom of night..."

Ok...a little Herodotus that I have history on the brain...5th C. bce Greek historian's words are the motto of the postal service and now this buffalo blogger, too.

I'll post a few if you have something in the line-up...let me know.