One Year Later...

First spotted development activity at the nw corner of Michigan and Genesee, last October - right here - and returned today, one year later. Simple coincidence.
All sorts of issues, I know.

This evening at the UB School of Architecture and Planning lecture with William Bruder, I learned a few things about the intersection between design and development. He began and ended with the perplexing notion that we are all really perpetual students and peppered the fast paced slide show with wonderful aphorisms that included - Clients may have a love for stone, but a budget for block - nothing is perfect, everything is a challenge. Really got into his head and appreciated the fact that architecture is his second gig, sculpture his first.

Really wonderful discussion on green design and how to deploy it by expecting students to design for it now, while still in school. His design of the new Phoenix Library uses significantly less energy than previously expected. Appreciated his understanding of place, too. At the Phoenix Library there's a sky light and column set up in the largest reading room in North America, it lines up with the sun during the summer solstice.

Lot to expect, yet as we learn from projects like this above - nothing is perfect, everything is a challenge.

Details for up coming lectures at UB School of Architecture and Planning


Anonymous said...

A bit too suburban but better than the empty space of land. Also, what is the building behind it - looks like it's wrapped in plastic?

fixBuffalo said...



looks like a giant plastic prophylactic, right now. Buildings are attached.