Vinyl in the 'hood...#3

This week's addition to My Vinyl Collection, is actually a reader submission. Gabe from ReUrbanize Buffalo and frequent Buffalo Rising writer, sent this in.
Zakopane model 4 Warsaw model 2
Krakow model 3 Gorale model 1
click image to enlarge
Lovely. Just lovely.
Would love to hear from people living close to St. Stanislaus Church regarding this development. Not so simple question. With so many vacant houses, why are new ones being built? Broadway Fillmore Alive has more information about this vinyl development.
Mr. McGuire: I want to say one word to you. Just one word.
Benjamin: Yes, sir.
Mr. McGuire: Are you listening?
Benjamin: Yes, I am.
Mr. Mcguire: Plastics.
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Anonymous said...

AH YES...VINYL! The future downfall of the inner city of BUFFALO. Isay that It WOULD SEEM THAT SOME WANNABE ARCHITECTS would rather see nothing but weeds and discarded tires on an empty lot rather than AFFORDABLE HOUSING that is MAINTENANCE FREE and appealing to the eye for some low income family that has never experienced the joy of HOME OWNERSHIP!!

STEEL said...

Except that these will not be maintainance free, nor are they appealing to the eye and our choice certainly does not have to be between cheaply built suburban cookie cutter or nothing but weeds. There is a vast middle that can be considered.

biniszkiewicz said...

A few years ago, while on the board of some small housing corp., it was told to me that Albany would no longer fund brick homes (a la Prospect, Carey St., etc.) as low income (and thus eligable for the subsidy that makes the developers find financial sense in these). In fact, even the brick fronts were looked at askance, at least that was my impression. Does anyone know more?

gabe said...

David, the names given to these models is the real kicker here.

Atleast they could have thrown on some cheesy veneer that tries to emulate a typical historic building in Krakow..