Wollenberg Salvage Day - October 7, 2006

Long conversations with a number of people today who are concerned about the remaining industrial heritage - now artifacts - of the former Wollenberg site at the end of Koons Avenue.

This Saturday morning around 11am please join us - right here.
We'll be digging through the piles of debris and re-claiming parts of Buffalo's industrial heritage. Russel Pawlak and the good folks at the Central Terminal have agreed to act as stewards of the Wollenberg remains. They will be cleaned off, cataloged and placed in storage in Buffalo's best loved building.

Work boots, gloves and an hour or so of your time.

In case you missed it - Wollenberg History.
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Anonymous said...

hmmm...make sure you bring a flakjak and a have someone watching your backs!!

dianne said...

how late do you suppose you'll be there?

fix buffalo said...




Probably a couple hours.

DennyK said...

Saw yooz guyz on Channel 2 news, hauling something or another! Glad you had a nice day for it. :)

fix buffalo said...


please get in touch...thanks.