Two down...Six more to go...

Two more bit the dust here in my 'hood near the future home of Performing Arts High School. Both 99 and 109 Purdy were demoed at some point this past week. I'd dubbed the house on the right the leaning house of Purdy. It's been ready to collapse since I started tracking the house, two years ago.
109 Purdy 99 Purdy
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Here's my personal list - houses that I've catagorized as public health and safety risks - the list. And the corresponding map depicting the proximity of these houses to the future home of Performing Arts High School. Goal remains to have the remaining six properties demolished before the school re-opens next September. 16 down, 6 to go...
demolition site - 109 & 99 Purdy Street
If you are familiar with demolitions in the City of Buffalo pause for a moment and ask yourself if you've ever seen a wrecker like the one depicted here blocking a City sidewalk. I haven't not even here in the 'hood where a different set of rules apply - see Tale of Two Cities. No fencing, not surprised. Here's what the site looked like Friday afternoon.
Imagine for a moment the same safety conditions existing in the Elmwood Village, South Buffalo or around Hertal. I know, like never!


Anonymous said...

109 Purdy lookes like an interestng house. Looking at the google area is also looked like a very unique house for that street. Shame to see it have to go...

fixBuffalo said...


109 has been empty for at least 6 years...two years ago when I first started keeping track, thought it would make a good spot. It's been broken into numerous times...best to let it go.