Google Addiction...

Been loving google a long time - gmailbloggerpicasagooglemapsgooglevideo - turns out that google purchased by favorite web 2.0 application awhile back, Writely. Yesterday everything came together and Writely is functionally integrated into the google pantheon. It's an on-line word processor, fully functional and integrated for project collaboration. It's now called google docs...only if you have a google account. Spreadsheets, too.
Google Crack
For the on-line cartographer in you Google Maps Mania is still the best blog. Found Quikmaps there the day it arrived on the scene.

Was reminded the other day about google maps in Europe, love this! This is totally safe for work, too - Google Sightseeing. While my now 8 year old pentium III is way too slow for Google Earth, I did manage to learn something new about Buffalo's East Side last week, remember small world park using google maps.

And you'd be happy to know the Larry and Serge are in the midst of preserving the garage and hot tub where google was born. Check it out.

Get a google account. Digital life will be easier. Less stress. Really.
Ps...almost forgot. Never a day without Google Scholar and knowing what's going on in blogistan...easy google blog search.
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cocoricamo said...

addictive business, isn't it?! have you seen this mashup yet? they're tracking heat patterns from traffic -- http://blog.fortiusone.com/2006/10/11/heat-maps-for-google-maps-aka-geoiq-mashup

fixBuffalo said...


very nice link...thanks

here again...