Hamlin House - Demolition

Went back to Hamlin House, the demolition that urbaneyes had spotted on Saturday, right here.
Hamlin House, according to one RN that I spoke to this afternoon while walking around the parking lot, was last home to the Nursing School in the late 1980's. The building on the left was the original structure and the newer one on the right was built in 1967. Got a shot of the saved corner stone. The RN went on to explain how the top floor of the new building was a dormitory that connected to the main hospital via a series of underground tunnels. Both buildings contained basement auditoriums. Five years ago, Harrington House was demolished. It was on the other side of the older Hamlin building. It's now a parking lot.

No I'm not making this sign up.
Sort of completes the corner here. Remember the new suburban Cornerstone Manor sits on the other corner and with this new parking lot, the suburbanization of this neighborhood is about complete.
Looked all around for the history of Hamlin House. Thinking that Cicero Hamlin may have been involved, not sure.

See - Kaleida Archive for additional information.
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