BAVPA Reconstruction - End week 17

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October 28, 2006 - Day 125
The pic shows considerable progress on the first of three new additions to the new home of Performing Arts High School. This is the new main entrance addition along Ferry Street as depicted in the banner sketch above.
This past week I've taken the first steps with Buffalo Bisons management and the BAVPA PTO to coordinate the installation of a commerative home plate for the new school. It was here, on this construction site that Offerman Stadium once stood. Idea is to have a commemorative plaque in the shape of a home plate installed shortly after the school re-opens in the Fall of 2007. Teachers and students part of this effort, too. Last game played at Offerman was on September 17, 1960. Cool to coordinate around this date!
See BAVPA Reconstruction Archive for additional details and updates.

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