Coe Place - Demolition

Learned late Wednesday that a demolition order has been signed for 28 Coe Place. First wrote about this in August - right here.
This property is currently trapped in MBBA hell - that Aaron Bartley and the folks at PUSH Buffalo have been calling attention to and working to change. The right thing to do in this particular case is to release 28 Coe Place from MBBA's callous grip and turn it over immediately to a qualified individual for re-hab and home ownership. This house has some serious deferred maintenance issues, yet I believe after a reasonable investment and commitment by a new owner, especially as Coe Place is adjacent to Artspace, the project will result in tremendous positives for the right individual and the neighborhood.

I'll be gathering the "Friends of Coe Place" together once more - we changed the future of the Hamilton Ward House right across the street at 19 Coe Place a few months ago. I'm confident that a carefully focused and cyber campaign will turn the tide here at 28 Coe Place, too.

Chris Jacobs, our new NYS Secretary of State and Buffalo School Board member, sits on the board of MBBA. Learn more about Coe Place - Coe Place Archive

Full Court Press...begins today. Strategy, support letters and press conference forth coming. Stay tuned...

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