Genesee and Michigan...

This building at 241 Genesee is located just east of the Michigan Avenue [google map] intersection and between the NAPA Auto Parts store and Pinnacle Charter School that I first wrote about last December. This afternoon on my way to Mazurek's I passed by and decided to take a closer look.
241 has been vacant atleast since the mid 80's when I returned to Buffalo. Very cool looking building. The transom windows are something special and full of 4" square prismatic pieces that were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. FLW patent. These prismatic squares can be found in many places all over the City. I've been collecting them for awhile. Here's a close-up of one just around the corner at Maureen's, right here. And another from a recent eBay auction with some FLW information. Cool.

According to City records 241 has bumped around in foreclosure proceedings in the 10 years and has 12' ceilings with approx 11ksf of floorspace. As cool as this building at 900 Genesee and 630 High at Genesee.

Longer post about some of the additional amazingly beautiful buildings on this portion of Genesee between Michigan and Jefferson, soon.


Anonymous said...

This guy tried selling me his:


During one of my walks.

I've always loved these type of buildings that lined Genessee and William and wish I had the funds to do one up.

Anonymous said...

what a beauty!

BuffaloRox said...

Great post. There are some really beautiful 3-4 story buildings between Elm and Michigan. Hard to notice them when you're keeping up with the pace car on Elm Street through the synchronized lights.

I wonder if anyone knows the history of this building? I frequently look at it as I take the 33 home to No. Bflo. It is a really cool building.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that original store fronts could survive after so much neglect

Anonymous said...

Is anyone selling this building?