85 & 91 Genesee Street - Update

Boarded and secure, finally.
I first wrote about the condition of Triangle Development's 85 and 91 Genesee Street here, two weeks ago, here and finally here. The last post has an image of Charles Burchfield's Street Scene. Buffalo Rising started to cover the story a few days after my first post - here - and finally with Steel's post - here.
There is still no Housing Court date set for 85 Genesee Street or even a case for the property next door at 91 Genesee Street both owned by Triangle Development, LLC - partners include Jessie Schnell, Executive Director of Forever Elmwood and her husband Scot Fisher who is also a board member of the Preservation Coalition of Erie County.

I'll continue to keep an eye on this property. According to nearby business owners, who are elated that the one story building here at 85 Genesee Street is now secure, there is no news on the pending demolition of 85 Genesee Street. Quick check of Housing Court records - index# 1860/2005 - would lead one to believe that a demolition is immenant, but not planned.

Would be good to hear directly from Triangle Development, LLC what the plans are for these two buildings.

Nice board-up. Thank you.
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Anonymous said...

That would be imminent:

"could lead one to believe that a demolition is immenant"

fixBuffalo said...

thanks...work is riddled with typos...