Wollenberg - post mortem

Buffalo News covered Sunday's Wollenberg fire, today - right here.

Noticably absent is Common Council President and Broadway Fillmore resident David Franczyk's public response to the City's wholesale lack of stewardship regarding this major loss. Nothing. Silence. Surprised?
loc elevator fire Enser
While Governor Pataki was in town this afternoon, admiring what I understand to be breathtakingly beautiful art glass that was just installed in the doors of Darwin Martin House, a few fixBuffalo readers and friends of the East side were negotiating with the demolition company in the pouring rain over on Koons Avenue. Saved, heavy metal grain hopper 4' across by 3' deep with slide gates. In addition 12' of hand hammered chain saved, from the scrap heap.

NO thought given, when awarding the $68,000 demolition contract, to preserving the various elements inside, from Buffalo's last remaining wooden grain elevator. Remember it was these wooden ones that firmly placed Buffalo on the map as the major transhipment point for grain in North America. This development catapulted the local economy making so many other developments possible. Concrete ones came later. Wollenberg was moved from the waterfront and re-built on Koons in 1912.

Back tomorrow for more of the last remaining elements of this Buffalo legacy. Safe in a secure and un-disclosed location, for now.

Preservation Coalition covered parts of the story in their new blog, right here.
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