Small World - in the heart of the East Side

While preparing the Towne Garden foreclosure post - right here - I went to googlemaps.com to pinpoint the location on Clinton Street. Saw something next door that really caught my eye. I've been close by writing about the latest McChurch and have on more than one occasion walked around this City park, next door. Here's some of the park.
DSCN5464 DSCN5461
I've been here with others, showing off parts of the East side that are somewhat off the radar for many Buffalonians. The playground is well cared for and all the basketball nets are in place. Nice park. Look closely at the concrete work. Then, click here!

Spent a few minutes on the phone with a friend. We had walked around here a few weeks ago. Between the two of us we have more years in school, than I care to admit. Never saw it. Talked to her as I hopped, skipped and jumped around the world.

If you know something about this design, please. Wanna know.
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Anonymous said...

picnic in the atlantic?

WestCoastPerspective said...

I believe this park was upgraded with funding received under the Home Ownership Zone award. DeLeuw Cather was the architect if I recall correctly.

fixBuffalo said...


how 'bout the sunny adriatic?


got someone checking on this, too. let me know what you find...

walked around the site today with urban planner...stunned!kqhp