ReNewing Buffalo?

Had an opportunity while visiting Vermont friends recently to stop by and check out ReNew.
ReNew - Brattleboro, VT
ReNew flickr slide show
I've been interested in reusing building materials for some time. Had an opportunity last year to chat with housing activist Michele Johnson about these sorts of issues last summer. Wrote about that in June 2005 - Deconstructing Buffalo and here in September 2006 Deconstructing Buffalo Part II. Here locally Michael Gainer and his crew have been busy deconstructing a house on Lombard Street near the Broadway Market - right here.

One of the coolest products that Eric sells in Brattleboro, Vt is cotton fiber insulation that Jim Parker over on Grote Street told me about as an amazingly efficient material and excellent alternative to the more traditional fiberglass. Bonded Logic sells the stuff by the tractor trailer load and Eric re-sells it by the bale...only place to get this stuff in smaller quantities.

While talking with Eric Kruger about his business he wanted to make sure people here in Buffalo, NY understood that re-using building materials is part of a larger national movement. The Building Materials Reuse Association is the national organization that many of the outlets all over New England belong to. Make sure to visit the links section in Eric's site, too.

Friend I visited built most of her house - right here - from used materials. Structure was used too as she built the house inside of an existing barn.

You can reach Eric Kruger at 802.246.2400 or visit www.renewsalvage.org on-line. Here's the map!
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Anonymous said...

Im proud to announce that I have accepted the offer to sit on the board for the Buffalo ReUse project.. Exciting and progressive announcements will be coming soon:)
Welcome Back to the blogworld!

fixBuffalo said...


Keep me posted...

thanks for welcoming back!