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First posted about Artspace in December 2004 - right here. It's been fascinating to watch the project take flight here in my neighborhood. From the beginning always thought of it as sister project to Performing Arts HS a few blocks away with all sorts of synergy. Have no idea if any sort of collaboration will take place or be encouraged on any level between the school - teachers, Friends of the Arts Academy or students. Tried email for months. Nothing. Reaching out would be a good thing. I remember at a recent Coe Place block club meeting residents and area neighbors learned after the fact that there had been a construction party back in September. Lot of public money riding on this project, last time I checked...
Here a few shots from Saturday...
IMG_3856 IMG_3854 IMG_3849 IMG_3842 IMG_3753
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Still get lots of questions about rental information every day from local and regional artists. I always let people know they should sign up for the email updates. Done that three times myself with different email addresses and still nothing...

Long meeting yesterday with local guy, whose organization has participated in funding Artspace projects in other cities. Told me that Artspace first came to Buffalo back in 2000 looking at an opportunity in the 400 block of Elmwood Avenue. He described it as a missed opportunity. Brand new information for me.

Heard there might be a good link somewhere to the HGTV special about this project...someone please pass along the link. Wasted time last week with a dead one...
Posted this back in August of 2006 - Byron TV.
The dead hgtv links are in this post, too. Loved the big yellow arrow.
What happened to it?
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