New v. Old: blogs and newspapers

fixBuffalo readers know that I'm interested in the intersection between print media - newspapers - and the new media, blogs and Internet content. Wrote about it recently, here.

While the Buffalo News is still stuck in the mid-90's and on-line readers have no way of interacting with BN reporters, the same is not true in other cities close by. While I've been lurking around the Toronto Star for awhile learned recently about the blogs at a few NY papers recently from a very loyal fixBuffalo fan...
Been subscribing to the NYTimes since teaching days and am amazed with the content and how it's presented. The second tab on the top takes you to My Times which is totally customizable desktop. There's even an embedded spot for your gmail and an option to keep track of your favorite photos with flickr that uses the tag system. cool. NYT also leads the pack when it comes to writer's and reporter's blogs, right here. Good example is the Empire Zone featuring postings and comments about NYS politics. Make sure to play around with the tags on the right hand side.

Buffalo News folks hit this blog on regular daily basis...somone, please let me know why we can't have the level of interaction that happens elsewhere. Would really like to know...your comment could be anonymous...thanks!
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Anonymous said...

I am wanting to get in contact with an old friend-George Hyde Jr. Can anyone help me. moniquelovering@hotmail.com THANK YOU

Anonymous said...

Love the Kennsington Market. What a romantic spot, if you love food and the bustle of the marketplace.

Anonymous said...

Like every other industry, a buisness needs to inovate and evolve. I don't feel bad for any papers that fail to take advantage of all these innovations to keep/obtain consumers.

Even the Lockport Journal has a 3rd party (Dear Martha?) that hosts forums on the articles that are in the paper, or a user can also create thier own topic.

The NY Times sounds sweet.

fixBuffalo said...

just off the phone with BN reporters...am told that substantial changes are in order...soon. whatever that means. we'll see...

Mark Williams said...

The second to my least favorite newspaper on the planet…The Buffalo Snooze!

Perhaps my concept of a newspaper is from watching old movies featuring huge rooms with cigar-smoking journalists typing away on Underwood typewriters actually writing something of interest and adhering to the adage: “if you’re not upsetting anyone with your writings, than you’re not writing anything of much interest.”

Oh, I beg to differ; there is one journalist who does push the proverbial buttons and that would be Rod Watson, but his journalist masterpieces are inflammatory and overtly racial.

If he were a non-Caucasian there would be a race riot outside of the Buffalo News office.

Much to my amazement, the Buffalo News actually publishes his claptrap.

However, unlike the other Buffalo News journalists, Rod Watson can be emailed directly without being limited to a brief note as-like the other staff members. Plus, he does respond occasional but only when the proverbial stereotyping and racial profiling is directed right back to him.

As for the first least favorite newspaper – The Niagara Reporter – the most negative, journalistically inept, fish-wrapper to ever hit the streets!

No wonder it is free!!!

Time to bring back the Courier Express in a New York Post format!