Another Church...for sale!

Know you've been getting your fill of church closings. Here's something different.
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Saw this at the corner of Main and Northrup on the way to UB School of Architecture and Planning this morning. Living in a church would be a total trip. I'll call Russell in the morning and see wasup...and maybe grab some interior pics!
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Anonymous said...

David- I want to buy a church/firehouse/bank to renovate and live in-
I got some heat from a religious friend of mine, but im willing to take the risk.
Do you think it is an unreasonable task, to burdensome?
Michael J

Anonymous said...


you have the same dreams I do ;) Once deconsecrated its just another building. Much better to save it then just let it go abandoned and unpreserved.

In lower town Lockport there was a church for sale. Right across the street form the Erie Canal. Beautiful view and still walking distance to Main St. I was astonished to find out it went for 27K! I am kicking myself for not inquiring. It was the perfect size for a loft conversion. 150 years old I think. Its beautiful. I have a pic, but not on Flickr yet. It is at home.