Crossing the 33 - Part I

While poking around the Fruit Belt on Sunday afternoon, I walked over the pedestrian bridge connecting Mulberry Street with Hickory on the other side of the 33. Here's the map!

IMG_3693 IMG_3694 IMG_3698 IMG_3699 IMG_3700
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Really sort of odd walking this path - despite my rather intrepid urban exploration orientation - as it's really an after thought making room for pedestrians or bicyclists in their desire to cross the 33. It's an envionment designed for getting people around in cars. Simple. Like to know if these pedestrian bridges were part of the original design of the 33 or some sort of after thought.

While checking out some of the houses in the lower Belt I started thinking about the correlation of realestate values and the proximity to high volume urban highways like the 33. Further up and just north of the Museum of Science is 2 Girard, just sitting and rotting. Wonder if proximity to 33 and lower realestate values is anecdotal or could be backed up by some real data. Anyone?

Next weekend, another pedestrian crossing.

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Anonymous said...

what a metaphor these are, and how many times i have driven under them...funny that their design is so prison like. keep your focus ü ä

Anonymous said...


jwfisher said...

Incredible - I've driven under that so many times and have never thought about walking it. When was it built?


fixBuffalo said...


looked for signage...couldn't find. Will look at the other ped - bridges crossing the scar, very soon.