Partners December 2006 Newsletter

Just received the latest e-newsletter from George Grasser and Partner's for a Liveable WNY. December 2006. George is adding hyperlinks to some of his commentary and notes for further exploration of what's happening here and around the country. Check it out.

I've archived past Partner's Newsletters, over here.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Man, nice to see you back.

But as for George Grasser, the guy is a shrewd businessman who continually puts his name out there to promote his vision then quietly makes money from it (see Gardens at Oxbow in Lewsiton).

He's a typical self-serving local loudmouth looking to make a buck. How can a person promote Smart Growth and then turn around and make money of developments way out on the fringe, like Lewiston.

Him and his local desciples are Duany lemmings who can't think for themselves. New Urbanism/TND isn't working in Lewiston or any other suburban area in WNY because they end up being what they're suppose to gey away from... auto-dependency. A $275,000 home at Oxbow requires a big salary, not likely to be located in Lewiston, making Oxbow just another subdivison, cleverly marketed as something "cool" so the developer (Grasser) can make money.

The guy has some good ideas, but when you're making money on it, you're true intentions are in question.