St. Vincent's Update...

One of the coolest yet undeveloped spots on the City's near east side is St. Vincent's. I've been monitoring developments here for most of 2006 and had the opportunity earlier this year to tour the complex with representatives from a consortium of colleges looking to put down some roots here in Buffalo and start an urban studies program. I was amazed with the interior. Here's the link to the slide show and a number of interior shots from this past September.
Here's the map showing St. Vincent's proximity to Artspace and Performing Arts High School. This pic is from late last week.

Some of these links from my earlier writing explore the social history of St. Vincent's. Cash Cunningham, the current owner, is still looking for a buyer and has taken great care this year in securing the building from additional damage. Something that the CAO still has to learn from their three year stint owning the German Roman Catholic Orphan Home down on Dodge Street.
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Anonymous said...

What an awesome gem of a building. Buffalo has MANY! Open ur mouth people and demand these buildings be saved. They are history and the detail is amazing. Elected officials are put in office BY the people to do a job FOR the people.If all you get is empty promises and a city everyone cant wait to get OUT of, someone is not doing their job.Like Donna Summer said "enough is enough"...open ur mouths and demand change.

Mark Williams said...


Albeit surprised, I am glad to see that you have decided to keep your website open.

St Vincent’s interior photographs, as like all of your photo collections, are awesome and I enjoy the opportunity to actually see what all of these buildings look like on the inside.

It helps to alleviate the “I wonder what the inside looks like” thought when I drive by such incredible buildings.

What is the parallel grid pattern on the floors? It almost looks as if the hardwood floors were removed or is that a tile pattern?

And, one again, another great building waiting for an owner and an opportunity!