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Installed a new sitemeter recently- allows me to see web traffic - replacing the older one. Allows me to see what browsers people are using to view this blog. 52% of my visitors from 48 different countries so far this year are still using Microsoft's Internet Explorer...again my blog looks terrible in IE as the right hand column drops down and fonts get all skewed in some of the posts.

If you haven't switched to Firefox 2.0, you should. Really cool toolbar, extensions and tabbed browsing that can't be beat.
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If you are on a network at work and can't download or use Firefox 2.0 - consider Portable Firefox 2.0 for your flashdrive. I use it everyday on the go - cafe, school or on the road.

You'll see more using Firefox 2.0, really. What do you have to lose...download it and see.
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