In the Country...40 miles away

Headed down to Perrysburg, NY on Sunday afternoon...room for one more in the car if you want to check things out. Email me. Very interesting connection back to Buffalo that I've written about extensively here - Where is Perrysburg? Was there two years ago, January 2005 for the first and last time.
The Former...JN Adam TB Hospital
The view here is looking north towards Buffalo and is the furthest spot south in the hills that you see from City Hall's observation deck. Word is that Commodore Perry - back in the day, 1813 - observed the British Fleet shortly after the burning of Buffalo from this location and hence the name, Perrysburg.

Here's my flickr slide show of the place - 40 Miles Away...

Plan to leave around noon...if you want to tag along, let me know. Back no later than 5...
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