Saturday Tours...

Regular 11am Saturday morning tour of the neighborhood - Backyard at Artspace. Meet-up in the Sonic Café area and plan on walking down Coe Place, around Ellicott, Northampton and Holland Place and Dodge if we have time. Plenty to see and learn about in an hour.
Backyard at Artspace
Tours in the Neighborhood
Saturdays at 11am
Some of the things you'll see include:
IMG_3642 IMG_3643
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While talking about various developments and issues here on the City's near East side, we'll be stopping along the way to take pictures of the amazing amounts of architechtural detail. I'm always seeing something new. Make sure the batteries are charged in your digital camera, cup of coffee and we're off for an hour in what is soon to be Buffalo's coolest new neighborhood.
Saturday's at 11am...e-mail me or just show up. Here's the map!
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BuffaloRox said...

How about more pics of the two buildings?

fixBuffalo said...


how 'bout coming around for a Saturday tour of the Artspace Backyard neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

Hope to make it Sat the 20th.

BuffaloRox said...

Just saw your response - a bit late on my part. Hopefully, I'll catch one in the future (although if the snow sticks I'll be skiing each Saturday 'till March/April).