Woodlawn Row Houses - January 2007 Update

Frequent readers of fixBuffalo know that the reason I started this little neighborhood blog was to call attention to the plight of the Woodlawn Row Houses, an architectural gem that's also been designated a local-landmark by the City's Preservation Board. This complex sits directly across the street from the future home of Performing Arts High School.
Woodlawn Row Houses - 12/31/06
The Woodlawn Row houses were originally four individually owned single family houses, attached in row house fashion. They were converted to "doubles" in the mid 1980's and the entire complex is still designated as four separate properties. Perhaps with this understanding they might be more appealing to someone as a rehab project - you know purchasing the entire complex - mothballing three and moving slowly through the four properties one at a time.

If you are local, Buffalo or have reached this posting through a Craigslist posting and would like additional information about the purchase of this property, contact me at fixbuffalo@gmail.com - glad to help as I can negotiating the maze of getting this property into some good hands. Additional information is available in the faq portion of this blog pertaining to the recent social and legal history of this property.

Here's the archive - Woodlawn Row Houses - to see Buffalo's best example of 'demolition by neglect' of a local-landmark. After 27 months of calling this to the City's attention, the place is still wide open. Suggestions? Let me know.
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Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great idea to put a new school across from more blight. Seems like the kids of Buffalo see no hope whenever they go off to school! The buildings are nice rip off the tacky siding and put back as 4 single homes. Mayor Bozo probably plans to call in bulldozers and fling up more face victorians. You go Bozo!

Anonymous said...

The rehabilitation of properties like these is what makes this city more and more beautiful all the time, and ofcoarse helps establish a stronger tax-base. the attitude of "anonynous" that left a comment on Jan. 5 is the kind of assinine opinion that has kept these areas of the city in such disrepair. Grow up chump, save your breath for something more practicle.

fixBuffalo said...


Thanks for taking a closer look. Seems like you see what I see over here.