Saving St. Ann's...

Dr. Ederer from the History Dept. at Buffalo State College is leading the effort to keep the doors of St. Ann's open. He writes:
Essentially we are a group of parishioners who are investigating working out an arrangement with the diocese to manage and finance repairs and basic operating in the very possible event that St. Ann's loses its status as a parish. St. Ann's is also a shrine, and we are hoping we can keep it afloat in that capacity. That will mean incorporation at some point, but all with approval of the diocese, and that is a discussion that still has to take place.

At this point, the main thing would be to put the call out for anyone interested to contact me. 2008 is the parish's 150th anniversary, and we are pretty certain we will be around at least that long. As we plan events for that, we can use any help anyone can offer.
Here's the link to St. Ann's via Buffalo as Architectural Museum.
You can reach Dr. Ederer here - EDERERMF@BuffaloState.edu if you have resources and/or would like to help in this effort. Earlier this summer Dr. Ederer joined me on a PresCo sponsored bicycle tour. We stopped by St. Ann's. Here's the post. Dr. Ederer's book - Buffalo's Catholic Churches: Ethnic Communities and Architectural Legacy (2003) should be on your coffee table. It's an excellent text, with pics, describing the rise of Buffalo's Catholic parishes.

The school building, adjacent to the church, is mammoth. I see it from roof tops all over the East side. Will have additional photos, soon.
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