Just behind Artspace, in Masten's Cold Springs neighborhood, [quikmap] is an area full of interesting and unusual live/work space opportunities. I've recently introduced a local artist to 73 Glenwood Avenue, here at the corner of Michigan. He just passed on this mixed-use building - 2 bedroom apartment upstairs, gallery/work space downstairs with an attached two bay garage and work space. He told me today that he needs something larger, yet loved the price tag - $19,900.
73 Glenwood - Buffalo, NY
The two interior shots are only part of the package. The vacant lot next door comes with the deal, too. Split utilities, new boiler and it's located smack in the middle between Artspace and Performing Arts HS. Subway is a block away at Utica Station. Excellent south facing back side for solar application and roof top garden! Way cool tin ceiling here, just waiting to be exposed.
DSCN5826 DSCN5832
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Sort of non-descript, I know. Yet, imagine something like this, over on Grote Street. I met-up with Jim, the owner of this amazing spot. He's turned this building at 51 Grote into a labor of love, at the corner of Peter Street. After getting a tour of the building's interior with Jim recently I immediately wanted to "cut and paste" 51 Grote to an empty lot along Michigan Avenue.
51 Grote - Buffalo, NY

_DSC0079 _DSC0070
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Then I got thinking. Jim's place wasn't anything when he started. It's taken a few long years to turn it around. Yet imagine the possibilties of being sandwiched between two of Buffalo's coolest new projects - Artspace and Performing Arts [quikmap] for less than 20K over here at 73 Glenwood. The apartment needed some cleaning, couple windows and paint - that's all. Not bad to get started.

If you are interested in pursuing this further, let me know. Be happy to walk around the neighborhood with you and introduce you to some other project possibilites. Here's the listing for additional details. Bet this goes in the next 30 days!
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WestCoastPerspective said...

Interesting buildings. Maybe you can email the realtor your photo of her listing, she isn't doing the building any justice. Inexcusable really.

fixBuffalo said...


agree. at this price point there's usually a flat commish...probably less than a grand that she has to split. that's one reason why some re here on this side of the street sort of lags.

Anonymous said...

That is a sad photo on the reality site. A couple nice pics aren't that difficult regardless of commision.

This is a cool place. Too bad the brick has been painted. I've always wanted a natural brick place similar to this to trick out.

One I've always liked and that got redone is this one:
at Clinton and Emslie. The building is beautiful now and you can watch them wood working from the street.

fixBuffalo said...


Bruce and Mary have done a spectacular job at Clinton/Emslie. He's been very kind to me in the past with all sorts of support. His upstairs loft space is one of the best in Buffalo...Jim is doing the same over at Grote/Peter...

Anonymous said...

I own a property directly across from JIM'S labor of love on GROTE ST. HE has worked tenously on this HISTORIC building rich in History. Alot of sweat and I imagine even more money has been spent on enrichening this landmark. EXCELLENT JOB, JIM!!