Coffee & Chocolate in Midtown...

Behind Literacy Volunteers is one of Buffalo's coolest collection of architectural treasure - St. Vincent's. Been writing about that and Cash Cunningham's pro-active stewardship recently - right here. Well next week we have an opportunity to support Literacy Volunteers and indulge into two of my favorites - coffee and chocolate, right here in rapidly emerging Midtown.

The auditorium behind the Squier Mansion is currently owned by Cash Cunningham and is available for rent. Tracy Diina has been raving about the space for a long time. It'll be my first time inside. Come on over, indulge and check things out. Supporting Literacy Volunteers is always a good thing. Tracy is one of the near East side's most indefatigable supporters...

Here's the link - St. Vincent's Female Orphan Asylum - from Chuch LaChiusa's Buffalo as an Architectural Museum.
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