BAVPA Reconstruction - End Week 18

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November 5, 2006 - Day 133
The new science wing took shape this week. Work began at a very early hour on Monday morning. This is the second of three new additions to the 44 year old school building that will become the future permanent home of Performing Arts High School.
view from fixBuffalo roof!
This new science addition, that looks like an erector set project with a yellow extension ladder sticking out of the roof, is also depicted in the banner sketch, above on the right hand side. That's the Ferry Street view looking south. The larger art addition, way on the right is next.
See BAVPA Reconstruction Archive for additional details and updates.
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Anonymous said...

What is that crazy looking underground portion all about?

fixBuffalo said...


Maybe you're referring to the foundation work for the third and largest addition. It's the new art-wing...