Mapping Foreclosures

Just in from the Geography and Planning Deptartment at Buffalo State College is a very useful tool to help understand the shape of in-rem tax foreclosure proceedings in Buffalo, NY. This very unique mapping tool - running on GIS, similar to Erie County's - is a fantastic way of showing what's happening in our City.

Here's the direct link: City of Buffalo Property Auctions. The source data is available right now in a limited format. I'll migrate the data into a "social spreadsheet" later today so as to make it widely available. Follow this link, from the Geography and Planning Dept for a brief tutorial, if you are not familiar with the functionality of this sort of GIS mapping application.

update...Friday Morning...115am

I've migrated the data set - previously available only to subscribers of a public Yahoo group, Buffalo Issues Alert - to a "social spreadsheet" that is viewable and searchable. It looks and feels like a spread sheet, here the results: City of Buffalo - in rem 40.

The results are presented in three major groups - sold, adjourned and struck back to the City. Of the 1578 properties on the auction list - 621 have bids that were accepted, most probably here the deals will happen and title will transfer and an 394 properties were adjourned. The remaining 563 were taken by the City. I believe this is the largest property grab by the City in recent memory. Veteran observers, please chime in.

Three of the newly acquired City properties are on my block of Woodlawn Avenue and have been on my personal demolition list - for various reasons, including the fact that they present a public health hazard, are wide open and sit directly across the street from the 30 million dollar renovation at the future home of Performing Arts High School. Will be watching.
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