Urban Erosion...at work...

When I first spotted these two pieces of abandoned construction equipment on the City's east side last summer, over on Hickory Street, near William I thought something's happening. Digging, foundation work. I took a closer look and realized that mother nature's rust and "urban erosion" had rendered these two, pretty much dead. I spotted additional construction equipment in a make-shift salvage yard on six acres of land that's still for sale off Kensington.
DSCN1516 DSCN1513
Closer to home, over on Holland Place I've been wondering about the dozer and trailer for awhile. First noticed it parked here about 10 years ago. Finally, I stopped and asked about it earlier this week. Gary was out working on his car and asked me if I was the same guy who's always walking around the neighborhood taking pictures. I said, "Past two years." He smiled, shook my hand and told me the rig belongs to his father who still manages to get around in a wheel chair. He went on to tell me that the radiator experienced that "urban erosion" and disappeared into the night. The rig and trailer hasn't moved in thirty years.
DSCN5904 DSCN1309
This is not just an East side phenomenon. While exploring parts of Crowley and Chandler Street over in Riverside recently, friend and I spotted this rig, rusting away.
Probably all sorts of other pieces of heavy equipment just sort of sitting and falling apart around Buffalo. Seems like something way out place. Yet at some point these pieces belonged to someone's buisness. Probably just scrap now, too. Let me know if you spot anymore...

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Mark Williams said...

Considering that scrap metal is still at an all time high; I should think it prudent for the owners of these derelict pieces of equipment to sell them off for some dollars.

The Chinese scrap metal market is buying everything; long forgotten industrial buildings in Niagara Falls are being dismantled because the cost of scrap out-weighs the cost for demolition.

Win win scenario…cleans-up the mess and make some dollars!