Memory and Masten Park

A few blocks away, down Masten Avenue, from my spot in Cold Springs is Masten Park [quikmap]. Visited recently and usually find that it's mostly way under used. Ultimate frisbee going on the other day. Classes from City Honors High School use the park, too.
that's St. Mary's on Genesee Street, on the right
The main entrance here is at the end of Eaton Street, just a block from Best. This stone wall - way cool here, too is what's left of the Buffalo's main source of water, the old Buffalo Resevoir that was situated here before Masten Park.
This video photo montage [via Youtube, what you do when you don't have a tv, like me] of the former nearby War Memorial Stadium, is especially haunting and a reminder of just how vibrant this neighborhood was, well...check out the aerial scenes at the 2 minute mark, wow. Excellent music selection accompanying this short from Chris Byrd at IndaBuff. Really nice Andres Segovia piece on Chris's blog, right here.

The earlier vibrancy of what this neighborhood was continues to motivate me. Imagine, as a child growing up here, having Offerman Stadium and War Memorial separated by a ten minute walk or a two minute bike ride. Nothing has shaken me and inspired me more to participate in this neighborhood's re-birth recently than the serendipity involved in finding a book at 204 High Street a few weeks ago. Here, showing a few photographs from that book, a few scenes from this very spot in Masten Park almost fifty years ago - Dalai me this.
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204 High Street link is dead.

fixBuffalo said...

Anon 12:41

fixed...thanks for pointing it out...

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boo..the video has been removed..

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Any one here ever live at 485 best? looking for an old friend