Join Us on Coe Place...Tuesday Afternoon!

Today Eliot Spitzer, Governor-elect, arrives in Buffalo, NY for the first time since his resounding win in New York State last week. In the spirit of reform that he has promised on the campaign trail, housing activists across Buffalo will be focusing Mr. Spitzer's attention on the shadows, the places no one wants to see or help - in a meaningful way - alleviate and change.
As Eliot Spitzer visits Buffalo to celebrate the victory of his reformist agenda, residents of Coe Place in Buffalo and other concered citizens from neighborhoods across Buffalo will begin their effort to save two historic properties from the vicious neglect of a state agency--the MBBA--charged with helping streets like Coe Place turn around. Neighborhood residents will be joined by members of community groups including PUSH, friends and readers of Fix Buffalo Today, local preservationists and Michele Johnson - East Side Housing Advocate to initiate a housing "strike" against the agency and to demand action by Governor-elect Spitzer and Mayor Brown. The action will begin at 5 PM at 28 Coe Place.
Housing Strike on Coe Place - Full Text Press Release!
The Brown administration has failed to respond to 1500 problems created by an agreement inked by the City of Buffalo and MBBA. Two of those problems exist on Coe Place, which I've written about recently - here.
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PUSH Buffalo and others are helping to organize an action on Coe Place Tuesday afternoon at 5pm. Please join and explore ways we can shake these two houses - 28 and 39 Coe Place - from the callous grip of MBBA.

Our sincere hope is to engage Governor Spitzer, upon his return to Buffalo, in a meaningful dialog about reforming the agreement between MBBA and the City of Buffalo. There are at least 1500 reasons why he would want to.

Additional MBBA information - right hereMBBA in Buffalo - link to spread sheet listing 1500 properties • Coe Place Archive.
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Anonymous said...

I take it 39 Coe is on the right, right? Also, the spreadsheet is very interesting but don't know how to read it. For example what is PKT Balance and BPO value? I see 419 Porter is on this list. Maybe some others don't understand the column headings.

fixBuffalo said...


the defs on those headings...will get them to you tomorrow. buried somewhere...

larger problem is that current pricing added to rehab costs is way out of line for current market. MBBA is holding - speculating - for rising market. The alternative is re-writing agreement between MBBA and City. This of course will force bond holders to eat their lunch.

Anonymous said...

Hope you make it through the night alright. That's OK about the spreadsheet, I'm a bit confused about what's going on (financially), that's all.

Anonymous said...

A development imact charge of .05% of every new building permit fee (NOT a new fee, just a re-assignment of existing revenues) should be instituted and designated towards handling existing surplus/vacant housing.

Thank you David for illustrating the pandemonium of noiseless irresponsibility present at MBBA. Is anybody listening? Or does it have to be brought to their front door.

Is there any Buffalo representation on the MBBA Board? Where is Belmont Shelter on this situation - don't they have all sorts of investment and management jobs and their headquarters in the Artspace neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

Once more my neighborhood gets raked over the coals & ignored until it is "too bad to fix", some slumlord comes in, makes cash and doesn't do repairs, the government bails them out, and then the gov't screws it up until we the people have to put it back in their face.

Well for God's sake get in here and look at it Governor Spitzer and please fix this MBBA mess.

fixBuffalo said...

Appreciate all the support - nice socks, hot spicy cider, BK mozarella sticks (yumm!) and the conversations with dozens of people who came by to say hello up to about 1am...thanks.

Next step...get on the phone with council folks and BB's office.