28 Coe Place - Saved for Now...

Just heard from the Preservation Board that 28 Coe Place is offically off the demolition list. It was on and has been removed. I'd like to thank everyone who called and sent in letters of support. Way to go, "Friends of Coe Place." First mentioned 28 Coe Place here and recently here. Very nice collection of comments here and here about 28 Coe Place.
The high level of interest in Coe Place is really a no-brainer as the rapidly developing Artspace complex, right next door is inspiring increased confidence in the real estate market on the City's near East Side. This is good news.

While the property at 28 Coe Place is still encumbered by liens placed on the property by MBBA in a scandalizing stupid ponzi like scheme, what's needed now is for someone - anyone - to step forward to make this place their home. I'll commit a high level of energy to anyone willing to take up the task. Interested? Let me know.

Additional MBBA information - right here! MBBA in Buffalo - link to spread sheet listing 1500 properties. Coe Place Archive.

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