1000 More Demolitions

Seems like the bull-dozers, wreckers and demolition contractors are getting ready to tear down 1000 more houses here in Buffalo, NY. According to Monday's Buffalo News, the demolitions are getting green lighted and while deadlines were not mentioned, 8 million dollar NY State (grant - wow, like free money) is funding this bust on blight.
Buffalo is on track to tear down a record number of vacant eyesores, the city's economic development chief told an accountability panel Friday. Richard M. Tobe predicted that 1,000 decaying properties will be demolished by the end of the fiscal year in June. This figure would be three times higher than the average number of annual demolitions since 2002.Still, with an estimated 10,000 properties throughout the city that should be torn down, Tobe said Buffalo's demolition blitz will have to keep at its current pace for the next decade. read the rest
Sure wish I could peer into the all knowing Citi-Stat crystal ball and discern which places are getting wrecked. So much for transparency, I guess. Oh, almost forgot. Good thing we're using computers now to track this stuff. According to the article there are exactly approximately 10,000 structures ready for demolition in the City of Buffalo.

On a positive note, Rich Tobe did mention that discussions involving City workers doing the demolitions are being considered. Yet, I got lost in the logic of using City crews for special demolitions as somehow being more cost-effective than using City crews for regular demolitions. Then again, what do I know. I'm just a guy with a camera and a keyboard.

Maybe I should consider starting up a demolition company. Hmmmm...

More here - To Demo or Not to Demo - from February, 2006
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Anonymous said...

Inspections is not in Citistat yet, and you are not the only person who is not happy about that. The mayor is none too pleased for the length of time that is taking...

Mark Williams said...

A number of years ago I read in the Buffalo News (Buffalo Snooze) that there were over 7000 derelict properties throughout the City of Buffalo in need of possible demolition and there was, apparently, no one available to inspect these properties.

Thinking that I was clever, I fired off a resume and cover letter stating that I would like to work for the City of Buffalo personally inspecting each property for architectural and structural integrity.

Being a preservationist at heart and having a background in structural design, I thought that I would be an ideal candidate.

Naturally, I was not hired but I did receive a letter from the City of Buffalo stating that they would pass along my resume to the proper authorities.

So, I am not surprised that the number of properties has jumped to 10,000 and, apparently, no one available or technically savvy enough to inspect these properties.

How sad and what is more pressing to me is what becomes of the property after the building has been demolished?

Since these properties are rendered non-buildable, because code dictates fifteen-feet from property lines, who becomes responsible for maintaining the grounds? Also, if the foundations were left intact, could the property be grandfathered allowing a new build?

Better yet, if the adjoining properties are owned; are the residents given an opportunity to purchase the property?

So many approaches should be considered but since “doing nothing” is status quo we regard demolition as a huge achievement….

fixBuffalo said...


Your insight is spot on.

E-mail when you have an opportunity. Thanks for checking out my blog. How'd you learn about it?



Mlystad said...

this is somewhat both on topic and off. Have you or anyone that frequents this site heard of or had success with rehabbing a home in the city through HUD's 403k Home Rehabilitation loan?

fixBuffalo said...


Believe you mean 203K...just posted about your request...please follow-up and let me know what sort of project you're considering.