Artspace Construction Update - November

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Had a chance late Friday afternoon to check out contruction progress behind Artspace at 1219 Main Street. Here, some structural work for the new Townhouse Commons is rapidly taking shape.
HHL is doing the design work. Big fan of their spaces especially the new computer lab at Buffalo State College and the recent addition out at the Center for Inquiry in Amherst. I get a half dozen e-mails/week from people interested in renting space here at Artspace. Hope to have links to how to do this, real soon.

Interested in the surrounding area, make sure to check out City's planning document for the Artspace area - Organic Revitalization - Artspace Buffalo.

update...Monday evening.
Grabbed this shot Monday afternoon. Compare to this photo, August 2005. Sure I noticed the lower gas prices today, too.
Artspace - 1219 Main St, Buffalo NY
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Anonymous said...

Hi David - thanks for the post - I will get you an update from Artspace on where folks can go to express interest in renting apartments. I think the timetable is for them to accept applications beginning in March. The building will be finished in July. Back shortly.

Eva Hassett

Anonymous said...

No one answers our questions about Artspace living/working. We are planning to relocate to buffalo next year and would like to consider AS an alternative. We check this blog on a regular basis and would like to know. Sooner is better. Thank you.

fixBuffalo said...

Thanks for staying with this Eva.

W&L, hope to have updated links, soon. Keep checking back!

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing project with limited information available on the web.

I searched for a few hours last month for who, what, when and how much info on "The Art Space"?

I finally gave up and sent you a message.

The Art Space should have its own blog or news update on their site. Do they even have a site...?

Thanks for keeping us up to date, Dave.


fixBuffalo said...


Will let you know when I know...you may be interested in the Coe/Ellicott block club meeting on Thursday 530pm at Belmont, next door to Artspace.

Here's the link: Buffalo Artist Lofts... I agree, it's sort of static, moderated feedback/comment stream would be good idea.