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If you're visiting fixBuffalo for the first time - maybe from this post at Buffalo Rising - you might be interested in some of my recent posts about "the Scar" - something that continues to fester, dividing our City.
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Recently there was a retrospective about the life and work of Robert Moses - Robert Moses ReConsidered. Earlier this year I posted - Crossing the 33. Last summer posted - Reconnecting Buffalo. Always point people to this map. Clearly shows a tightly woven uban fabric, before "the Scar".

If you haven't visited the coffee shop on Oakgrove, near Canisius College you're missing some very cool construction photos of the "33". Check it out!

By all means, if you don't know about the life and work of Jane Jacobs...find out more, here!

Elena...thanks! You coming on the Tour d'Neglect this summer? We'll be crossing "the Scar" in two locations! Bring your camera...
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