Webb Inquest...Inspection Review Panel - the report

Lots happening in City Hall. There was an investigation into various issues involving the Webb Building and alleged wrong doing. The panel included - Joe Golombek, Lavone Ansari, Richard Griffin and Denise Roche.

Here's the full report - Webb Inquest - May 11, 2007

It's 54 pages long and the link takes you to my esnips on-line storage site and then to a .pdf file. Read it, let me know what you think...
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Mark Williams said...

After reading the report and, as much as it (truly) pains me to admit this, Rocco Termini is in violation of the permit and is using creative interpretation of the word “stabilization” in an effort to complete (future) required interior work.

Since this was an asbestos removal project, stabilization was in reference to shoring-up exterior walls, from the inside, in order to complete the asbestos abatement.

However, from a practical and monetary point of view; I agree with Rocco Termini’s approach because replacing floor joists is permanently shoring-up and stiffening the building structure whereas the permit issued indicates temporary or removable shoring.

Alas, a sad day when I agree with the City of Buffalo’s building inspectors….

"accidental" cover-up = terminial jail said...

The review missed the main point of the accident -- the events of the day. Who ordered the young man to go up to where he fell to death, and who ordered the construction crew to work against their will, after the accident, to put up a safety barricade that was missing?

The accident responsibility and the subsequent cover-up are the issues that the FBI and OSHA are looking into.